Camp Activities

Campers get to choose their own schedule from activities in theater, music, visual arts, dance, filmmaking and writing. Each camper takes five activities each day. They take the same five activities for the full camp session, allowing them to build their skills and make friends through art.
How schedules are made:
  • Registered campers are emailed an activity selection form.
  • Our goal is to give every camper as many of their first choices as possible. Activities are not on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Campers get their schedules on the first day of camp and can change them within the first three days on a space-available basis.

Summer 2023 activities will be posted in May 2023 after our staff is hired. However, our 2022 activities give you a good sense of the number and range of activities we’ll offer in 2023.

2022 Daily Activities

More Camp Information: