Uplifting Messages by Dawn Ursula

  • About the Artist

    Hi, my name is Dawn Ursula.  My chosen profession is to perform, normally on stage but on-camera too.  I’ve got GREAT side gigs: I narrate books for the Library of Congress for people who are visually and physically disabled and I do voiceovers.  I’m not doing any of that right now.   I’m also a mom, wife, sister, daughter etc. and like you, spending a lot of time at home.  So, I appreciate being able to try something new with you.  A new way to do and be what I was and what I still am.  Thanks and be well! 


  • Uplifting Messages

    Let’s send some joy!  Imagine your friend or loved one receiving a surprise video message from you by me!  Like a singing telegram only virtual and no singing.

    Send me:

    The name(s) of who it’s for.

    You provide the script 5 lines maximum/1 min or less in duration. Positive G to PG content.

    I’ll send you back two videos to choose from for the price of one!

    All sales final.


    Hello Denise.  My name is Dawn and I’m delivering a message to you.  “Yesterday Denise, I went to three zoom meetings with no pants on. I knew you’d be proud. Love you.  Mom.”

    $50 per video


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