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Americans have always come together during times of crisis and we are doing so right now. We know we are stronger when we all work together.

The arts have the unique ability to bring groups of people together to celebrate our shared humanity. How ironic — right now, we are isolated in order to combat this disease. Our doors are closed at Arena Stage and our productions have been suspended until next season. But we know we will come roaring back!

We have artists who are longing to perform for you and artists who have powerful stories to tell you; our audiences are the best and the brightest in the country. You’ve asked us how you can help. Many of you are donating tickets back and we thank you for your generosity. We ask you, in this difficult time, to make a donation to our campaign: Roaring Back Fund.

We want exuberant art to be waiting for you on the other side of this, but for that to happen, we need you to invest in that future now. We know Arena Stage will come back even stronger when this emergency is over. We always have!

Help us stabilize our beautiful organization with your gift today.

Thank you!

Molly Smith