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Arena Stage Theater Artists Marketplace trailblazes a new model for regional theaters to connect art, artists and their artistry directly with the public. The Marketplace gives the public the opportunity to commission or purchase a work of art safely, with no in-person contact, from the artists and artisans who have graced Arena’s stages. The pandemic disrupted the ability for artists and theaters to earn income. When you make a purchase through the Marketplace, you are generating much-needed financial support for artists and a percentage supports Arena Stage.

There are 33 artists and over 100 works of art, lessons, or commissioning opportunities currently on the Marketplace. Use the arrows that border each section to see more options and click “purchase” to learn about the artist and the details of their service or product. Check back often as more Arena Stage artists and their works will be added over time.

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Art and Design

Illustrated Cocktail Coaster "Books" by Ivania Stack

Unique Portraits from Selfies by David Gallo

Jingle Pillow by Sherri L. Edelen

Floral Shams by Sherri L. Edelen

New Mexican Pillows by Sherri L. Edelen

Burgundy Paired Pillows by Sherri L. Edelen

Blue Plaid Pillows with Coordinating Pair of Blue Striped Shams by Sherri L. Edelen

Table Runners by Sherri L. Edelen

Quilt by Sherri L. Edelen

Rock Garden Design by David S. Leong

This is your life! A custom-designed puppet film of your life by Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew

Original, hand done drawings by Ken MacDonald

Soothing Audio Recording by Lorene Chesley

Bare Naked: CD by Composer Lynne Shankel

Handmade Cards by Michael Russotto

Oil Paintings by Misha Kachman

An autographed CD of Nicholas Rodriguez’s solo album: The First Time…

Custom Pet Portrait by Paige Hathaway

Original Commissioned Choreography by Parker Esse 

Picnic Blanket Table by Thomas Adrian Simpson

Convert old photos, slides, records, analog audio and video files to high quality digital files by Timothy M. Thompson

Original Piano or Piano and Vocal Composition by Victor Simonson


Yoga Booty Ballet (Dance Cardio) with Lorene Chesley

One-on-One Acting Class for Children (ages 6-18) with Erin Weaver

Voice or Acting Coaching by Nicholas Rodriguez

Acting, Directing or Playwrighting Coaching with Aaron Posner

Shakespeare Monologue Coaching with Lavina Jadhwani

How To Play With Your Food with David Gallo

Ace Your Interview with David Leong

Introduction to Intimacy for the Stage with Jenny Male

Single Sword and Staff Fighting with Jenny Male

Stage Combat Tutorials with Jenny Male

Chess: Your First Lesson with John Austin

Voice Lessons with Kate Baldwin

Sing for Your Supper with Kirsten Wyatt

Voice and Accent Training for Actors, Public Speakers, and Executive Professionals with Lisa Nathans

Virtual Monologue Coaching Session with Lise Bruneau

Lyrics and Wine with Lynne Shankel

Vocal Coaching with Lynne Shankel

Coaching Session with Marsha Mason

Character: A Creative Writing Workshop with Mary Hall Surface

Winter Wisdom: A Reflective Writing Workshop with Mary Hall Surface

Dialogue: A Creative Writing Workshop with Mary Hall Surface

Monologues: A Creative Writing Workshop with Mary Hall Surface

Exploring Metaphor: A Reflective Writing Workshop with Mary Hall Surface

Audition Ready with Parker Esse

Private Dance Class with Choreographer Parker Esse 

Monologue/Public Speech Coaching Session with Timothy Douglas

Learn to Juggle with Viveca Gardiner 

Editing, Proofreading, Pitching and Pizzazz with Viveca Gardiner

Voice, Speech, Dialect, and Public Speaking Coaching with Zach Campion

Personalized Greetings and Performances

Uplifting Messages by Dawn Ursula

Sing for Your Supper with Kirsten Wyatt

Original Recording of Piano or Vocal Composition by Victor Simonson

Take a Break with Shanara Gabrielle

Short Story Happy Hour with Shanara Gabrielle

Storytime with Shanara Gabrielle

Signed copy of There Must Be Happy Endings: On a Theater of Optimism and Honesty by Megan Sandberg-Zakian

This is your life! A custom-designed puppet film of your life by Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew

Meet and Greet with John Austin

Shakespeare One-Liners & Quips by John Austin

Shakespeare Sonnets & Speeches by John Austin

Personal Greeting by Kate Baldwin

Meet and Greet with Kate Baldwin

Concert with Kate Baldwin

LIVE PoetryGram by Lise Bruneau

Your Choice of Poem read by Lise Bruneau

Live Virtual Reading of Shakespeare’s Venus and Adonis or The Rape of Lucrece by Lise Bruneau

Storytelling with Marian Licha: A Magical Journey into a Latinx World 

Ghost Writing by Nehal Joshi

Personalized video greeting from Nicholas Rodriguez

Personalized Recorded Song by Nicholas Rodriguez

Private Performance of Cabaret Show The First Time… by Nicholas Rodriguez

Personalized Dance Greeting by Parker Esse