In The Round: October 2020

In the Round with Natalie Bell

Ever wonder how productions come to life? Peek behind the curtain! Arena Stage Technical Director Natalie Bell is a scenic artist, architectural planner and caring leader all rolled into one. She reflects on some of her favorite projects and offers a glimpse into how she makes magic happen on stage.

In the Round with Sheila Stampfli

“Live music is joy!” Arena Stage Trustee Sheila Stampfli celebrates the American musical and shares why she is excited to sponsor Arena’s new Cabaret Night series. Sheila sets the scene for what live performance might look like this Fall and Winter.

In the Round with Dick Snowdon

Arena Stage Trustee Dick Snowdon views the arts as integral and necessary to community well-being. Over his 30+ years with Arena, he has been a steadfast advocate of arts opportunities for young people. For him, ensuring the future of the arts is a civic duty.

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