Editing, Proofreading, Pitching and Pizzazz with Viveca Gardiner

  • About the Artist

    Viveca Gardiner studied literature at Harvard and business at Yale. She is a versatile and meticulous editor, writer, and proofreader with extensive experience in a wide variety of styles. She spent years teaching and tutoring test prep (mostly GMAT), business English, and ESL for Kaplan and is a rigorous but patient and gentle writing coach.

  • Editing, Proofreading, Pitching and Pizazz

    Whether you’re drafting a script or a resume, I can help you polish your writing and perfect your presentation. If you’re considering a career change in these hard times, I can help you market yourself effectively. I believe artists are great candidates for any job—we’re hard working, passionate, and adaptable. We take risks, but we also take direction. Together, we will write a professional and compelling resume and cover letter to convince employers that your unconventional background is an asset. Editing and proofreading services also available for manuscripts, pitch decks, websites, or anything else. 



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