Personalized Manifestations, Affirmations & Sensual Greetings

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    Affectionately known as Queen V,  Entertainer Valeka Jessica is creating her own content and manifesting her own lane. From her One Woman Show: I’m A Mother F*****g Superstar: So Where Are My Babies? that vivaciously tackles infertility in the black community, to being a manifesting motivational speaker and teaching women how to Blossom After Divorce, as well as educating the next generation of artists on how to create their own content. Valeka has redefined what being a self-producing entertainer in the 21 century entails. 

    Arena Stage is one of Valeka’s favorite places to work! Audiences will remember her as Ruth Younger in the 2017 production of A Raisin in the Sun. 

    As an avid manifester, actress, filmmaker, and creative, her company The V Network, has an array of content that teaches how to manifest the life of your dreams. A fan favorite is The Blossoming After Divorce Cocktail Hour and her Personalized Manifesting Affirmations. This content is experience driven, and inspires her clients to boldly create the life of their dreams. Valeka is grateful to be aligned in her lane, and creating content that entertains, manifests, educates and heals the mind, body and soul. 


  • Personalized Manifestations, Affirmations & Sensual Greetings

    Imagine your friend, loved one or lover receiving a surprise Professionally Filmed Message from Me! Life is all about creating our moments & experiences, so why not create high vibrational experiences that will last a life time. Whether it be an encouraging word to a friend, or a sensual short poem to your lover, try something new and different to express your love and gratitude for the special people in your life.  

    Send me the name(s) of who this magical experience is for. 

    Provide the script. Up to 1 minute worth of text. The context of the text can range from Positive G to a little over PG (wink). 

    I will send you back 2 fabulous videos to choose from for the price of 1!   

    Here are some short examples to get your creative energy flowing: 

    Poem for a Lover: 

    Hello James, I’m Valeka Jessica, and I’m delivering a lovely message that will tantalize you. 

    “Your energy envelops my soul, leaving foot prints of sunshine in my life. When we kiss, the lingering of your abundance filled kisses always has me yearning for more….” 

    With all my Love,

    Manifestation Mantra: 
    Hello Erveina,  I’m Valeka Jessica, and I’m delivering a manifesting mantra designed for you. So please, repeat after me, and allow these words to penetrate into your very being and change your life. 

    “I am a treasure. So it is natural for treasure to flow to me. I have divine intelligence. My energy is unlimited. It is large and grand, I am divine, mountains of money and opportunities flow to me, I am unlimited…” 

    From your Loving Son,

    $200 per video package


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