Digitizing Media by Timothy M. Thompson to Relive your favorite memories

  • About the Artist

    Tim is proud to be nearing 30 years with Arena Stage;  25 of those years as Sound Department head, during which he designed sound for over 100 mainstage shows. He was involved in construction of the Arena Stage at the Mead Center of American Theater and has worked with so many incredible people along the way.  Prior to Arena, Tim was an exhibit specialist at the Smithsonian Institution, an electronics technician with Heathkit Electronics, and a smattering of other fun jobs, including auto mechanic.  Tim holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and American history. He finds happiness in woodworking, restoring old stuff, history, and generally obsessing on anything creative.

  • Digitizing Media to Relive your favorite memories

    Transfer your old photo negatives, prints, slides, audio cassettes. records, & videotapes to high quality digital files. High quality professional digital conversions of a wide variety of legacy analog audio and video formats, as well as complete photographic scanning services, including film negatives are available. 

    Photography: Negatives (all formats!), slides, prints scanning.
    Video: VHS, BetaMax, MiniDV
    Audio: Cassettes, Records (LP’s, 45’s, 78’s) 

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    Prices listed are for any one of the services noted in the package, not all services listed.

    Your final digital files can be provided via a download link, disc, or thumb drive. The turn around time is typically 1 week. Larger projects may take longer. 

    Please reach out to marketplace@arenastage.org to inquire about Tim's offerings.

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