Chess: Beginner's Lessons with John Austin

  • About the Artist

    John Austin is an award-winning, classically trained actor. He’s also a devoted chess player. He’s excited to be part of Arena Stage’s innovative Artists Marketplace! At Arena, he originated the role of “Derril Lark” in the world-premiere of Right to Be Forgotten and the role of “Valentin” in the world-premiere of Kleptocracy. His full actor bio can be read in his other marketplace offerings. As a youth, John played chess competitively for several years. He placed in multiple tournaments, once even winning his division. Today, John plays recreationally. When he has free time in DC, you might find him playing chess at The Board Room near Dupont Circle. Chess continues to inspire him as an artist and person.

  • Chess: Beginner's Lessons

    In the Introductory Lesson, we’ll cover the basics of chess: the pieces, how they move, and how to win the game. Then we’ll touch on chess principles and the importance of positional play. After this lesson, you’ll be able to start playing chess. The Introductory Lesson will take between 30 minutes and an hour.

    Continued Lessons will take an hour and build upon the principles learned in the Introductory Lesson. John will reach out to the patron with their provided email address to set up a Zoom call, scheduled based on both parties' availability. As this will take place over Zoom, it will be advantageous for each party to have their own chess board and full set of chess pieces (white and black). Your move!

    $45 - Introductory Lesson
    $60 - Continued Lesson


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