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  • About the Artist

    David is the only person in the United States who is a Certified Conflict Resolution Trainer (Mediation Training Institute and Cornell University) and a Certified Fight Master. He served on the faculties at Brandeis University, University of Maryland and the Julliard School before joining the VCU Department of Theatre as Chair and Professor. When he's not starting fights, he's coaching doctors, nurses, lawyers, leaders and managers on how to stop them before they even start. Recently, David gave a talk on How to Stop Conflict Before It Even Starts at the 2019 Broadway TedX as well as the 2020 International Conference on Conflict Resolution and Mediation.

  • Real-World Publlic Speaking E-Books and Lessons

    David Leong barely graduated high school because he was painfully shy. Speaking in public was the last thing he’d ever do. He somehow managed to get into college and graduate school and surprisingly, he found himself teaching public speaking at the college/university level! Years later, he studied swordplay with Errol Flynn's teacher and choreographer, and those skills in stage fighting boosted his confidence enough to give him a 40-year career on Broadway and for many other theaters including Arena Stage, but he never forgot his earlier fear of speaking in public. Together with co-author Dr. Aaron Anderson, he has written a set of E-books called Real-World Public Speaking with lessons and exercises you can do all on your own. Leong and Anderson lead The Critical Communications Group, LLC, an award-winning company dedicated to improving interpersonal communication in business, education and healthcare. Recent consultations include NASA, The Altria Group, The US Federal Reserve Bank, Hamilton Beach Brands and the United Network for Organ Sharing. 

    Real-World Public Speaking: How to Deliver is specifically designed to help you learn how to be an expressive speaker. Each chapter includes learning outcomes, lessons and practical exercises, a glossary of terms, and a “test-your-knowledge” section so you can measure your learning. Color photographs, illustrations, charts, and tables highlight the contents. By the end of the E-book lessons, you will know how to:

    Overcome stage fright                    Make your body more expressively
    Memorize quickly                           Make your voice more expressively
    Practice your delivery                     Create engaging stories                 
    Design engaging slides                   Give a virtual presentation 

    Read a sample from Real-World Public Speaking: How to Deliver.
    Real-World Public Speaking: What to Say is specifically designed so you can learn what to say when you get up to speak. By the end of this E-book, readers will know how to
    Connect with your audience          Develop an audience-centered message
    Give an informative talk                Give a persuasive talk
    Give an elevator pitch                    Conduct a Q&A
    Build a clear, concise and unambiguous outline
    Read a sample from Real-World Public Speaking: What to Say.

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