Blossoming After Divorce Cocktail Hour

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    Affectionately known as Queen V,  Entertainer Valeka Jessica is creating her own content and manifesting her own lane. From her One Woman Show: I’m A Mother F*****g Superstar: So Where Are My Babies? that vivaciously tackles infertility in the black community, to being a manifesting motivational speaker and teaching women how to Blossom After Divorce, as well as educating the next generation of artists on how to create their own content. Valeka has redefined what being a self-producing entertainer in the 21 century entails. 

    Arena Stage is one of Valeka’s favorite places to work! Audiences will remember her as Ruth Younger in the 2017 production of A Raisin in the Sun. 

    As an avid manifester, actress, filmmaker, and creative, her company The V Network, has an array of content that teaches how to manifest the life of your dreams. A fan favorite is The Blossoming After Divorce Cocktail Hour and her Personalized Manifesting Affirmations. This content is experience driven, and inspires her clients to boldly create the life of their dreams. Valeka is grateful to be aligned in her lane, and creating content that entertains, manifests, educates and heals the mind, body and soul. 


  • Blossoming After Divorce Cocktail Hour

    In this 90-minute manifesting cocktail hour, drape yourself in your favorite robe, create our themed cocktail, light your scented candles, design your decadent platter of fruits and yummies, and open your mind to this wonderful experience of Blossoming After Divorce, with Valeka Jessica.  Learn why divorce was the best thing that ever happened to me.   Listen to my intimate flawed majestic journey, and learn the tips and tools to manifest a Blossoming life in every area of your life, after Divorce.  Divorce freed me to show up as my authentic self, and in this Manifesting Blossoming Cocktail Hour you will learn that you are the creator of your life.  And yes, divorce hurts like a motherf****r, but the Queen that is rising is unstoppable, and abundance and prosperity is your birthright. So, start acting like it :)  

    $150: One-on-One
    $500: Group of 4 
    $1000: Group of 8 
    $1250: Group of 10 


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