Arena Stage Films


COVID-19 has altered our lives in unimaginable ways. The long-term effects the coronavirus has had on our society have been immeasurable. Arena wanted to capture its impact on our city through the eyes of the people. The result — memorable films and stories — reveals the fears, anxieties and hopes for the future and the work that is still to be done.

May 22, 2020

"May 22, 2020" captures one day in the life of our region in the early days of the pandemic.

Inside Voices: A Film by Arena Stage’s Voices of Now Ensemble

"Inside Voices: A Film by Arena Stage’s Voices of Now Ensemble" is a moving time capsule of the lives of over 120 student artists creating art through a devised theater process.

The 51st State

"The 51st State" was inspired by the protests and the drive for the creation of a movement after the murder of George Floyd and the quest for the creation of the 51st state and sovereignty in Washington, D.C.


Arena Stage and Georgetown University’s Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics and Theater and Performance Studies Program joined forces with The Forum for Cultural Engagement, the Lubimovka Young Playwrights Festival, the Center for Modern Drama in Yekaterinburg and the United States Embassy in Moscow to presented FLASH ACTS, a 6-day online festival featuring newly commissioned short plays by twenty pre-eminent American and Russian playwrights.

War Words

Drawn from interviews with veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the stage play "War Words" humanizes those who serve in the military and opens the audience to affinity with them.