Exclusion Auditions


The Kreeger Theater (LORT B)
By Kenneth Lin
Directed by Trip Cullman

First Rehearsal: 4/4/23
First Preview: 5/5/23
Opens: 5/18/23
Closes: 6/25/23


The deadline to submit is Tuesday, January 31st, 2023. Appointments tentatively set for February 7, 2023.


Adults, Equity (AEA)
Actors of all genders, backgrounds and identities are encouraged to audition. D.C./DMV Local actors are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to submit.


KATIE – Female, Mid-30s, Chinese-American; Creative historical novelist. Self-righteous and headstrong. Tries to fight for what’s right. Speaks Cantonese (well enough to deliver a monologue, but needn’t actually be fluent).

HARRY – Male, Mid 40s-early 50s, Caucasian; Ambitious, clever, absurd, self-interested, media-executive type who would have worn a three-piece suit back in the day, but dresses like a kid. A bit intimidating yet charismatic.  100% Los Angeles.

VIOLA – Female, Early 40s-50s, Chinese-Australian.  Chic, charismatic, very gifted, veteran actress. A leading lady. Would be winning Oscars at the point in her career if Hollywood would give her the vehicle. Smart and deep but you might not know it from the roles she's played and the persona she projects in order to be "appealing" in Hollywood.

MALCOLM – Male, Late 30s-40s, Chinese-American; Katie’s supportive boyfriend. Keeps Katie’s realities in check even though he’s envious of her opportunities. Sees both sides of a situation but knows where loyalty lies