Usher Evening at a Glance

Checking In

Usher sign-in will begin 90 minutes before curtain at the box office. Once you have signed in, you are officially on duty. If you are given a lobby assignment, you will head to the lobby to give directions and answer any questions for patrons. Lobby ushers are on duty as soon as they check in so they can attend to patrons’ needs as they go through the building. If you are assigned to work in the theater, you will head straight into the theater to either stuff programs or familiarize yourself with the space.

After the house opens, you will help seat patrons, give directions and make sure that food is not brought into the theater.

During the Performance

During the performance, ushers will be directed by the House Manager whether to stand in the back of the theater or to take a seat. Select ushers will help with seating late patrons throughout the theater. At intermission, please return to your original positions to assist patrons with directions and to ensure that no food is brought into the theater.

After the Performance

All ushers should go back to their original positions to take care of patrons and thank them for coming. Be sure that all walkers, canes, etc. are returned to the patrons to whom they belong.

Aisle ushers are asked to stay inside the theater until all patrons have safely left their section.

There is no need to pick up programs from your sections unless the house manager asks you to do so.

Please check out at the Visitor Services desk. You will turn in your usher badges and flashlights to the Visitors Services House Manager.

Thank you for ushering. We could not do this without you!

Dress Code

Arena Stage requires a professional-looking, uniform appearance by our ushering staff. All ushers should adhere to the following dress code while on duty.

Dress Code for Gentlemen
Solid white (not off-white) collared, button-front shirt – either short-sleeved or long-sleeved.
Black dress pants (not jeans).
Solid dark or conservatively patterned necktie. Bowties are acceptable.
Comfortable solid black shoes (no sandals, please).
Solid black sport coat or sweater is optional, depending on the temperature.

Dress Code for Ladies
Solid white (not off-white) collared button-front shirt – either short-sleeved or long-sleeved.
Black skirt or pants.
Comfortable solid black shoes (no sandals, please).
Solid black jacket or sweater is optional, depending on the temperature.

Attending Performances

One of the many perks of ushering for Arena Stage is attending the shows. Ushering at Arena Stage is a 100% volunteer position, and being compensated with seats or standing room to a performance is not always guaranteed. While we will do our best to try to accommodate anyone ushering; there will be performances where this is impossible, due to sellouts and fire-code laws prohibiting standing room.

We need your help for all shows regardless and hope that this will not preclude any usher from continuing their support of Arena Stage. We ask that you continue to volunteer on dates that may be marked as sold out.

House Rules

Ushers help us to enforce our house rules. Please see below a list of the rules we enforce for all performances:

  • Children under 5 are not admitted. Exceptions are made at the house manager’s discretion.
  • Cameras are not allowed to be used during the performance. Recorders are not allowed.
  • Cell phones and texting devices must be turned off before entering the theater and after intermission.
  • Tickets for late members of a party must be left at the Box Office.
  • Outside food and drinks are not allowed in the building. If a patron has a dessert or a “doggie bag” from a restaurant, it will be held in the Visitor Service Desk until intermission or the end of the performance.
  • Drinks may be taken into the theater, but food is not allowed.
  • Assisted listening devices for patrons are available in the Lower Lobby at the Visitor Services Desk.
  • Taxi reservations can be made before the show or at intermission at the Visitor Services Desk.
  • Report immediately to the house manager any accidents, sick patrons, restrooms out of order or out of supplies, etc.
  • Any suspicious character should be reported to the house manager immediately.