Holiday Auditions

We are now accepting submissions for our 2022/23 production of Holiday by Philip Barry, directed by Anita Maynard-Losh.


Actors of all genders, backgrounds, abilities, and identities are encouraged to audition. Unless specifically noted, roles are open to actors of all ethnicities. D.C./DMV Local actors highly encouraged to submit.

Production Info

(all dates subject to change):

HOLIDAY (The Fichandler Stage, LORT B+)
by Philip Barry
Directed by Anita Maynard-Losh

  • First Rehearsal: 9/6/22
  • First Preview: 10/7/22
  • Opens: 10/13/22
  • Closes: 11/6/22

Deadline to submit 6/13/22. Appointments to be determined at a later date.

Holiday Character Descriptions (all roles will be understudied)

Julia Seton—Female, 28; beautiful, bona fide upper-crust. Cool, astute, ambitious, charming. Cares about “what people might think”. Allied with her conservative father, she is smart enough to take over the family banking business—if only she were male, or it wasn’t 1928.

Johnny Case—Male, 30, a young lawyer who has worked his way up from nothing, and now has huge financial prospects.  Goal is to make enough money to take time off to find himself and live life on his own terms. Attractive, smart, authentic, sense of humor, doesn’t care about appearances. 

Linda Seton—Female, 22-27; disenchanted with her family’s version of life and happiness. Exceedingly fresh, smart, pretty, unconventional, impulsive, sense of humor. Feels trapped by her riches and family expectations, frustrated by her lack of agency, but knows there is something out there that she needs.

Ned Seton—Male, 26; handsome, straight-passing, alcoholic, sensitive and aware. Close to his sister Linda, Ned is trapped by his father’s expectations and demands, and doesn’t see a way out.   

Edward Seton—Male, 58; nervous, distinguished, second-generation tycoon. Tries to rule over family with an iron fist. Self-worth is tied to amassing riches, cares deeply about appearances and class. Strict and unswerving in his decisions.

Seton Cram—Male, 36; well-dressed, unpleasant cousin to the Setons. He is a two-faced, gossipy snob who puts on a false front.

Laura Cram—Female, 32; Seton Cram’s wife, tall, handsome but disagreeable. She puts on a veneer of over-the-top friendliness.

Nick Potter—Male, 34; attractive, amusing, with a highly developed sense of the ridiculous.  A free-spirit and good friend to Johnny and Linda, always ready for an adventure.

Susan Potter—Female, 30; Nick’s wife, fun-loving with a sense of the ridiculous but her feet on the ground.

Henry—Male, 50; the butler, pleasant appearance and manner, very discreet.

Charles—Male, 30s-40s; manservant, assiduous in his work.

Delia—Female, 35; housemaid with a mysterious past that she keeps to herself.