Mentor Ensemble

The Mentor Ensemble is comprised of artists who have previously participated in the Voices of Now program as part of another ensemble and have undergone a rigorous audition process to become a mentor. The Mentors have three responsibilities: first, to guide new artists through the demanding artistic process of the Voices of Now program; second, to serve as artistic role models by creating and performing their own play; third, to act as ambassadors for Voices of Now at local and national events.

Current Artists

Grace Baker
Reyna Berry
LaNiya Bullock
Winta Habtemichael
Katie Hindin
Zarah King
Chloe Lanyi-Lari
Michael McCabe
Imani Njau
Reed Roddy-Johnson
Olivia Rosen
Elle Souders
Rebecca Spring
Sierra Sterns
Christina Springer
Mari Storvick

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