Mentor Ensemble

The Mentor Ensemble is a prestigious ensemble composed of artists who have previously participated in the Voices of Now (VON) program and have undergone a rigorous audition process to become a VON mentor.

The Mentors have four responsibilities:

  1. Guide new artists through the unique artistic process of the VON program.
  2. Serve as artistic role models by creating and performing their own play.
  3. Act as ambassadors for Voices of Now at local and national events.
  4. Host the Voices of Now Festival.

It is through the unique contributions and bold artistic explorations of the VON mentors that the program continues to grow and evolve.

The Mentor Ensemble also provides a path for artists interested in growing their careers as theater devisers and directors.

2022 Mentor Ensemble

Christina Springer
Jada Millhouse
Jasmine Sklarew
Jasper Lavan
Patrick Payne
Reed Roddy-Johnson
Reyna Berry
Samara Storvick
Winta Habtemichael
Zoey Miller
Chloe Lanyi-Lari

Watch the 2022 Mentor Ensemble's Original Play Headspace

Directed by Ashley Forman & Mauricio Pita.
Multimedia component filmed by Antonio Hernandez, edited by Mauricio Pita.
Music and Sound Mastering by Roc Lee.