Playwrights' Arena

Playwrights’ Arena is a year-long program focused on investigating artistic process and dramaturgical practice. Now in its fourth installment, the program is facilitated by Dramaturg Jocelyn Clarke. This season, Playwrights’ Arena is partnering with local playmaking organizations and collectives, surfacing and strengthening their art-making methodologies and company identity.

  • The Welders

    The Welders is a DC-based playwrights’ collective whose mission is to establish an evolving, alternative platform for play development and production. The intent of that platform is to inspire and encourage members to take risks and make bold leaps in exploring the craft of playwriting; produce one performance of work created by each member playwrights over the course of three years; create significant, meaningful, direct engagement between artists and members of the community; and support future generations of DC-area playwrights. Learn more

  • Rorschach Theatre

    Rorschach Theatre tell stories that allow for innovative design and visceral performances. Rorschach treats productions as “installations” that surround the audience with the world of a play. Our work centers on the intersection of magic or impossible moments and relatable human experience.  Without proselytizing, it provides a complex, intellectual catalyst for self-exploration of challenging subjects. Rorschach is a vital launching pad for emerging artists. Learn more 

Cohort Four

Audrey Cefaly
Annalisa Dias
Paige Goodwin
Psalmayene 24
Alan Sharpe

Cohort Three

Kelly Renee Armstrong
Jennifer Barclay
J. Shawn Durham
Jennie Berman Eng
Marian Licha
Mary Hall Surface

Cohort Two

Steven A. Butler, Jr.
Patricia Davis
Joshua Ford
Mary Stone Hanley
Liz Maestri
David Mitchell Robinson

Inaugural Cohort

Norman Allen
Randy Baker
Jacqueline E. Lawton
Heather McDonald
Danielle Mohlman