Artistic Partnerships

Georgetown Partnership

Arena Stage’s partnership with Georgetown University, made possible by Andrew Ammerman, involves sharing of information and resources, special Georgetown University group nights at our productions, “Hoya Tickets” and the engagement of Georgetown faculty from across the campus for dramaturgical expertise.

Consensus Organizing for Theater

Consensus Organizing for Theater is an artistic methodology where a theater builds stake in multiple pockets of community and those communities build stake back in the art by surfacing and organizing around mutual self-interests. The goals are artistic excellence and the diversification of the stakeholders of American theater. On selected productions, the Artistic Development department engages a diversity of communities in the dramaturgical investigation of the play and explores how our work on stage supports the mission and goals of partner organizations. Recent Consensus Organized partners include American University's Complex Problems courses, Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies, DC Public Library, Library of Congress, University of Maryland's Brain and Behavior Initiative, Urban League, and others. For more information, or to connect your community to our artistic work, contact Deputy Artistic Director Seema Sueko at

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