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  • What do you get when you combine thousands of archived photos and video, script drafts and edits and countless hours in the rehearsal room? Arena On Air! The first official podcast of Arena Stage. We will explore all aspects of Arena Stage through interviews with artists and staff members, meaningful social discussions and TONS of fun!

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Episode Twenty-Three: "Backwards and in High Heels"
On this episode we sit down with Jayne Atkinson (who plays the legendary Ann Richards in our summer production of Ann) and director Kristen van Ginhoven to talk about the production and how it’s moving audiences to take action and that it’s never too late to bet on yourself. As Ann Richards so aptly stated "Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels." Guest co-host Kate Thompson, Arena Stage Publications Coordinator. 

Episode Twenty-Two: Women in Theater: The Power of Engagement
Technical Director Natalie Bell and Senior Director of Operations Marissa LaRose sit down with us to discuss the experience of being a woman in the production field. Inspired by creative women everywhere, Grace Anastasiadis and Suzanne Beal from Rep Stage share their experiences in creating the Women in Theatre Conference.

To learn more and to register for the Women in Theater Conference, visit:

Episode Twenty-One: LIVE with the Arena Civil Dialogues: No designer babies?
Join us for another Arena Civil Dialogue, where prominent dialogue starters and moderator discuss the possibility of designer babies. Presented by Exelon.

Episode Twenty: The Presidential Past of JQA
Take a dive into the world of JQA, with an interview with the playwright and director of this upcoming Power Play, Aaron Posner, as well as Literary Manager Naysan Mojgani, as we chat about how this play came to be. Get the inside scoop from three actors sharing the role of JQA as well, as we hear from Jacqueline Correa, Phyllis Kay and Joshua David Robinson. 

Episode Nineteen: The air of an Heiress
In this episode we talk with Deputy Artistic Director and director of The Heiress, Seema Sueko and actors Laura C. Harris and Jonathan David Martin about why this play, now.

Episode Eighteen: LIVE with the Arena Civil Dialogues: How Democracies are Lost and Saved
Join us for another Arena Civil Dialogue, where prominent dialogue starters and moderator discuss how democracies are lost and saved. Presented by Exelon.

Episode Seventeen: A Special Look into the Kleptocracy
On this episode we sit down with Kleptocracy playwright, and former House of Cards series writer, Kenneth Lin and actors Chrisopher Geary and Max Woertendyke to talk about this world-premiere play. Kenneth gave us an inside look into what it’s like to write about a country and people that are making headline news. Chris and Max shared what it’s like to play these living people and tell this story.

Episode Sixteen: True Leadership, featuring Molly Smith and Maria Manuela Goyanes
Join us for a very special conversation between Arena Stage Artistic Director Molly Smith and Woolly Mammoth Artistic Director Maria Manuela Goyanes to talk about leadership in the arts. Particularly representation in leadership roles throughout the country.

Episode Fifteen: LIVE with the Arena Civil Dialogues: Must We Be Tribal
Join us for another Arena Civil Dialogue, where prominent dialogue starters and moderator discuss what it means to be in a community.

Episode Fourteen: Sew Divine with Costume Director Joseph P. Salasovich
What is a costume? In this episode of Arena on Air, we sit down with Costume Director Joseph P. Salasovich to talk about what goes into creating the amazing and oftentimes intricate costumes you see on stage.

Episode Twelve: Behind the Casting Table
We sit down with José Carrasquillo (Director of Artistic Programming, Ford's Theater), Kelley Crandall d'Amboise (Resident Casting Director & Artistic Coordinator, Signature Theater), Matt Torney (Associate Artistic Director, Studio Theatre) and Victor Vazquez (Casting Director and Line Producer, Arena Stage) to chat about equity, diversity and inclusion in casting and the larger obligations that casting directors have in creating inclusive environments throughout the production process.

Episode Eleven: The Art of Indecent
Join us as we chat with the people who are bringing Indecent to life at Arena Stage! Guests include director Eric Rosen and music direction/performer Alexander Sovronsky and actors Ben Cherry, Maryn Shaw and Susan Lynskey.

Episode Ten: Anything Goes - The Perfect Blendship
Join us as we get to know Corbin Bleu, Soara-Joye Ross and Parker Esse as they dive into the world of Anything Goes! In this episode, they share parts of their process' preparing for the show, the rehearsal room experience and what we can look forward to in this gold standard musical.

Episode Nine: LIVE with the Arena Civil Dialogues: Well-Being in a Digital World
Join us for a look into the Arena Civil Dialogue event, held on October 14, 2018 in the Molly Smith Study. Learn from prominent dialogue starters Ellen P. Goodman, Maggie Jackson, Maurice Turner and Neema Singh Guliani as they talk about the changing digital world around us can effect our well-being.

Episode Eight: LIVE In Conversation with Christian Gregory
Arena on Air is back with a brand new episode featuring a special LIVE podcast of a post-show discussion featuring Christian Gregory (Dick Gregory's son), and performers Edwin Lee Gibson (who plays Dick Gregory in Turn Me Loose) and John Carlin. Led by Literary Manager Naysan Mojgani, Christian Gregory discussed the life and legacy of his father, Dick Gregory.

Episode Seven: Nuts About Dave
The world-premiere musical, Dave, opens this summer at Arena Stage. We sat down with six of the fabulous cast members to talk about bringing the show to D.C., other hobbies that keep them grounded and working on innovative theater. Featuring: Josh Breckenridge, Sherri L. Edelen, Rachel Flynn, Kevin R. Free, Mamie Parris and Jamison Scott.

Episode Five: A Special Helen Hayes Recap
What makes a great show? To celebrate the recent 2018 Helen Hayes Awards, Casting Fellow F. Binta Barry talks to us about the importance of diversity on stage and making sure every voice is heard.

Episode Four: Wedding Queen
When one thinks of a wedding at Arena Stage, they typically imagine it staged as a scene in a play with an actor playing the role of a bride or a groom...but did you know that these stages have been hosts to actual weddings? In this episode, we talk to Events and Rentals Manager, Betsy O'Keeffe about Arena Stage's role as an event space to weddings, proms, conferences...and even a Bengal tiger!

Episode Three: Heading West
Anita Maynard-Losh shares her behind-the-scene experiences working on Snow Child, the new musical premiering this month at Arena Stage and tells us why she'd rather have lunch with Lillian Hellman than Tennessee Williams.

Episode Two: Broadway Bound
What does it take to bring a show to Broadway? Find out from Arena Stage’s Executive Producer himself, Edgar Dobie! You will also learn about his unexplainable love for hippos, what it takes to run a non-profit and more.

Episode One: This Is Our Time
In our first episode, we sit down with Allen Lee Hughes Fellow alumna, Juliette Carrillo. The Two Trains Running director discusses her personal connection to August Wilson, her career as a director and playwright and the importance of following your bliss.