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Justices on the stage

The Economist

There is a lot of bombast in the play, which opens in Washington on March 6th. The fictional Mr Scalia—in real life the outspoken, caustic 78-year-old leader of the court's conservative wing—prowls round his chambers, fists balled like a prizefighter, sparring with Cat about his views on gay marriage (bad), abortion (worse) and the death penalty (a fitting punishment for wickedness). In each case he is a swaggering, doubt-free spokesman for “originalism”. According to that doctrine, the constitution keeps the meaning it had when it was first adopted. Originalists hate it when modern judges treat its text as a “living” document, guaranteeing a panoply of rights that changes with the times.… Read more

King of Pain: King Hedley II

Metro Weekly
Kate Wingfield

A ruthlessly honest examination of the profound — and often untold — costs of prejudice, Hedley delves into the deeper, far more insidious, spiritual and psychological realities of a life born of and into oppression. Wilson's characters may be razor-sharp in their dissection of what has brought them to this place, but even as they rail at it, they are prey to it, ensnared in the denials, rationalizations and moral contortions that weaken them like destructive vines through concrete… Read more

Photo of Jessica Frances Dukes and Bowman Wright by C. Stanley Photography.

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