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Local couple wins dream wedding


Wednesday morning, one local couple won an $80,000 wedding at the Mead Center for American Theater from Arena Stage. More than 100 couples entered a contest to win the wedding. You voted for your favorite couple in our poll and by tweeting @wusa9 with your favorite couple's hashtag.… Learn more

Quinton Huguley and Kaisha Sutton
with Molly Smith

Economic equality isn't funny.
Thank God The Shoplifters is.

Washington City Paper
Rebecca J. Ritzel

The play clocks in at only 90 minutes, counting intermission, and the scenes fly by like a chilly shopper trying to get in and out of the freezer section. Panych sets up sparring rounds for every possible combination of his actors: Williams and Stein, Stein and Houdyshell, Houdyshell and her accomplice (played by Jenna Sokolowski), and so on. The finest pairing is Williams and Houdyshell, not only because they excel at portraying good-hearted, flawed schlumps… Read more

Edward Gero

photo of Jayne Houdyshell
by Teresa Wood.

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