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Red Hot Patriot:The Kick-ass Wit of Molly Ivins

AUG 23 – OCT 28, 2012

by Margaret Engel
and Allison Engel

directed by David Esbjornson
Starring Kathleen Turner

in the Arlene and Robert Kogod Cradle

Don't Mess with Texas


Academy Award and Tony Award nominee, Kathleen Turner, brings her sizzling blend of sensuality and intelligence to the bravado of newspaper columnist Molly Ivins. A dyed-in-the-wool liberal from deep in the heart of Texas, Ivins’ rapier wit made her one of America’s highest-regarded columnists, satirists and beloved rabble-rousers. The incomparable Turner “excels” (Variety) in this searing, 75-minute show that weaves personal anecdotes and a humorous look at our national pastime – politics.

Red Hot Patriot: The Kick-Ass Wit of Molly Ivins is sponsored by Hank and Charlotte Schlosberg.

American Voices

Molly Ivins

Margaret Engel
Allison Engel

Twin sisters Margaret Engel and Allison Engel are both journalists by trade. Margaret Engel directs the Alicia Patterson Journalism Foundation, was the managing editor of the Newseum and was a reporter for the Washington Post. Allison Engel has been a reporter for the Des Moines Tribune, San Jose Mercury and Pacific News Service.

“Writers and commentators continually use Molly Ivins’ words to describe the current political climate. There's a real hunger for Molly's voice. While being hilariously funny, she always hit a nerve writing about politicians, economic injustice and the threats to our freedoms. We are thrilled that her voice will be coming to our nation's capital right before the election.”

— Margaret Engel and Alison Engel

“The show is held together by Turner’s magnetism and Ivins’s lashing quips … It addresses the quintessential five Ws that all good reporters take into account. In Turner’s watchable rendition, it’s the “Who” that resonates most emphatically.”

The Washington Post

“[Turner] truly owns the stage … The rants and reflections, not to mention all the wicked wit in between, sound fresher than ever, and they keep this ‘Red Hot Patriot’ spinning. No, make that kicking ass.”

The Baltimore Sun

“Her gutsy, nuanced performance is what makes this show a true tour de force.”Washingtonian

“Excellent … Turner easily captures the blunt candor that identified Ivins …
When Turner as Ivins skewers dim politicians, the play and Turner are amusing.
But when Turner as Ivins passionately takes on war, hypocrisy, greed and bigotry,
the play and Turner become brilliant.”Washington Examiner

“Kathleen Turner shines …Witty retorts and sharp one-liners fly effortlessly from her mouth with the precision of a well-trained knife thrower.”
“Ivins is known for her razor-like wit, and
‘Red Hot Patriot’ provides it in abundance.”EDGE Washington

“A tour-de-force solo show … Turner is a marvel to watch as she takes on character of the sharp-tongued political journalist Molly Ivins … Great direction, a great script, and an enormously talented actress … This is a production that needs to be seen … Under the direction of the formidable Esbjornson … Arena has a winner in this show.”Broadway World

“Razor sharp and funny … To see and hear Kathleen Turner channel the words and wit of Molly Ivins is to be reminded that theatre can be like church … If you’re tired of the campaign ads and the endless spin, and you want a fresh, sock-it-to-‘em dose of reality, look no farther than good golly Miss Molly.”DC Theatre Scene

“You can't ignore politics, no matter how much
you'd like to.”

– Molly Ivins