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fifth Daily

Drawing & Painting (8-12) Erin

Use familiar materials, such as pencil, ink, charcoal and paint, in new and creative ways. This Daily strengthens observational skills by doing a variety of activities that focus on drawing and painting from life, both inside and outside the classroom.

Film Noir (8-12) Patrick

Learn the style of this classic black and white, mysterious, detective movie genre to produce an original film noir short. Get ready for a summer of action, drama and mystery in a video production class never done before at Camp Arena Stage.

Music Video Performance (8-12) Laura

A partner class to Music Video Production, campers will focus on the dancing and performing component of making music videos. Working on choreography and the artistic vision as a group, we will both create and learn choreography that will then be filmed and edited into music videos and shown at the Noontime Shows!

Music Video Production (8-12) Anthony

A partner class to Music Video Performance, campers will come up with concepts, film and edit this summer’s newest music videos. Enjoy working behind the camera, and maybe even getting a little camera time yourself.

Electronic Dance Music (8-12) Wes

Be a producer! Learn to create your own beats, Dub step, techno and dance tracks. We’ll use software that you can easily obtain to continue your producing career long after camp ends.

Tap Dance (8-12) Maria

Do you have rhythm? Designed for first-time tappers, learn basic tap technique, steps and rhythms including flaps, shuffles, riffs and paddles. Dancers must provide their own tap shoes.

Greeks (8-12) Adi

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were the Greek classics. Ancient Greek drama was known for its size. Everything was thrilling and devastating; hysterical and gut-wrenching. In this Daily we’re going to focus on some of the most well-known Greek plays of all time and, in doing so, try to find out just what makes these larger than life characters tick.

CAS Pops Orchestra (8-15) Jonathan

This summer a successful Choice becomes a Daily. Bring your reeds, mouthpieces and bows, and get ready to make some music! Play your favorite popular hits with an orchestra of your fellow artists. All skill levels are welcome, though music-reading ability is a must.

Fashion Design (12-15)

Style is who you are! Enter the world where style, imagination and art meet. There will be an introduction to fabrics, including folds and drapes, as well as textures, colors and patterns. We’ll design and illustrate our own garments and experiment with some basic sewing too.

Drawing Studio (12-15) Joy

Explore the fundamentals of drawing including shading, form, composition and perspective. Apply these to small studies in portraiture, landscape and still life. Then work toward individual drawing projects based on your area of interest.

Scenic Painting (12-15) Matt

Learn the basic skills of painting scenery for the theatre! Explore techniques in faux finishing, texturing, and painting large scale.

Stepping (12-15) Brandon

Stepping is percussive dance in which your entire body is an instrument. Its complex sounds and rhythms draw from many dance styles and began in African-American fraternities and sororities. Join the fine tradition of this precise, energetic and stunning dance form. All levels welcome. Dance/movement clothes should be worn.

Motown (12-15) Pamela

Stop in the Name of Love, and take this new voice Daily. Diana Ross & the Supremes, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations: Motown’s music was an artistic and cultural force, and we can still hear its influence in pop music today. Work on finding your soul, rhythm and blues as we work on creating a tight ensemble sound.

Stage Combat (12-15) Raymond

Under the supervision of a certified stage combatant, learn the careful movements and choreography that create the illusion of brawls on stage. Safety and the ability to follow directions are a must for campers in this Daily. Wear clothes for movement.

The Play (Double Period) (14-15) Ariel

For the first time at Camp Arena Stage and only in the 4-Week Intensive, our most senior campers get to be cast in, rehearse and perform a play. No audition is required to be in this Daily, but parts will be assigned in the first few days. This is a double class period to allow sufficient rehearsal time. The play will be performed during the Wednesday, July 15 Noontime Show. (In order to participate in The Play you must select it in both Fourth and Fifth Daily.)