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Fourth Daily

Jewelry Making (8-12) Joy

Express yourself with beaded jewelry. Make wearable works of art with string and beads, starting with simple bracelets and advancing to more complex jewelry.

Mini Masterpieces (8-12)

Welcome to the world of arts and crafts! This Daily is all about making small projects of all kinds. Get ready to experiment with many different materials and bring lots of art home.

Movie Trailers (8-12) Patrick

Coming this summer! If you go to the movies and the trailers are your favorite part, this Daily is made for you. Learn the basics of pre-production, production and post-production to produce movie trailers that will be ready to be shown at a Camp Arena Stage near you!

Solo Voice (8-12) Pamela

Ever want to be on Broadway? Do you picture yourself on The Voice? Come discover the music most suitable for your voice or singing style and learn important singing techniques. At the end you’ll have a performance-ready solo piece that is all you.

Villains, Heroes & Damsels in Distress (8-12) Raymond

Back by ferocious, popular demand! Have you ever wanted to be a villain, twirling a fake mustache? Can you scream in fright like the girl tied to the train tracks? Are you a ham? Explore the over-the-top acting and sensational fun of melodrama, creating huge characters in larger-than-life scenarios.

Musical Theater (8-12) Maria

Having dreams of the Great White Way? Get a taste of becoming that “triple threat” as we explore what it takes to become a musical theater performer and how we all have something to offer for a really great production. Together, we’ll defy gravity!

Acro Dance (8-15) Laura

Learn gymnastics skills and dance movements, and then weave them together with physical theater and contemporary choreography to make exciting and dynamic pieces. Props and structures will be utilized. Previous gymnastics experience helpful but not required.

Intermediate Guitar (12-15) Erik

Take your guitar skills to the next level in this Daily! This is for guitarists who already know the basics or even those who have been playing for years. As an experience classical and rock guitarist, Erik can work with you wherever you are in your playing. You can bring your guitar or borrow one of ours.

Chinese Brush Painting & Calligraphy (12-15) Erin

Explore another culture through one of its traditional art forms. Learn the ancient art of calligraphy and traditional painting styles. Make exquisite works of art incorporating these techniques and poetry. All levels welcome. Campers returning to this Daily advance to more difficult projects.

Mixed Media (12-15) Julia D.

Explore the realm where 2-D and 3-D visual art meet. Create luscious impasto, intricate embossing, curly quilling, elaborate Sgrafitto (carving into painting), papier-mâché paintings, found object collages, mini painting assemblages, button pointillism and more.

Acting for the Camera (12-15) Anthony

Learn vital elements needed for on-camera acting. Explore the fundamentals including slates, script analysis and camera technique. Get ready for plenty of on-camera practice!

Songwriters Studio (12-15) Wes

Are you a songwriter or musician? Ready to record your first (or next!) album? Work on your craft and learn how to record and produce your own music.

Shakespeare: Magic & Mayhem (12-15) Kerry

Focusing on scenes and monologues from his plays, work with Shakespeare's language, explore how to stage magic moments and learn to create believable non-realistic characters.

Comedy Styles (12-15) Adi

The best laughter is medicine! Or was it the other way around… In this exploration of comedy and what tickles our funny bone, we’re going to work on several different comedic styles. We’re talking about everything from slipping on banana peels to how to tell a knock knock joke. This Daily is sure to leave you smiling.

The Play (Double Period) (14-15) Ariel

For the first time at Camp Arena Stage and only in the 4-Week Intensive, our most senior campers get to be cast in, rehearse and perform a play. No audition is required to be in this Daily, but parts will be assigned in the first few days. This is a double class period to allow sufficient rehearsal time. The play will be performed during the Wednesday, July 15 Noontime Show. (In order to participate in The Play you must select it in both Fourth and Fifth Daily.)