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Third Daily

Tiny Art/Giant Art (8-12) Julia D.

Work to build dioramas filled with tiny objects and intricate details. Come together as a team to build extravagant installations. Make things in sizes they normally aren’t as well as works that are life size. In this class it's all about scale.

ASL Storytelling (8-12) Brandon

Tell creative stories through American Sign Language. Through the use of ASL and your big imagination, you’ll learn an expressive form of storytelling, poetry and performance.

Sound FX Creation (8-12) Wes

Imagine a horror movie without creaking floors or an action movie without explosions. Learn about basic principles of sound and how to build your own sound effects. Then, apply them to short film clips. We’ll also dip our toes into scoring or setting a film to music.

Bhangra (8-12) DeLanté

Learn about this high-energy dance originating from the Punjab region of India. We will learn the basic moves in order to create a routine to perform at the Noontime Show. If you’ve never seen this dance style before, find a video clip on-line and you’ll see why we are excited for this Daily!

Passport to Shakespeare (8-12) Kerry

Comedy! Tragedy! History! The Plays No One Does Often! William Shakespeare wrote many different types of plays, and people still love them centuries later. We’ll explore the many sides of Shakespeare, learn to speak his language and perform scenes and monologues from a variety of his plays.

Poetry (8-12) Ariel

If you love poetry this class is for you! Learn different styles of poetry from limericks to haiku. We’ll play with acrostics and dabble in rhyme, and together we will have an excellent time!

Show Choir (8-12) Pamela

Do you love to sing? Do you love the spotlight even more? Join camp’s show choir, learning music and choreography to create a show-stopping performance. The show choir is always a highlight of the Arts Extravaganza in the 4-Week Intensive.

Adv. Improvisation (8-15) Matt

Continue your journey through unscripted theater! Refine your basic skills as an improviser and explore long-form structures. Best for campers that have taken improvisation before at CAS.

Surprise Squad (8-15) Lizzie

Their work is shrouded in mystery and cloaked in awesomeness. In this Daily take part in one of the greatest arts: planning and practicing random acts of kindness.

Painting (12-15) Erin

Campers will experiment with the different ways of using acrylic paint and various tools, in addition to brushes, that can be used to apply paint. We'll explore how acrylic paint can be used for quick sketches as well as longer, more finished looking pieces.

Documentary Films (12-15) Anthony

Explore film through lens of real life. Inspired by award-winning documentary shorts from international film festivals, we delve into what matters most to us. Exploring interview techniques, narration, and perspective, you’ll transform your passion into a short documentary film.

Auditioning (12-15) Adi

“I got the part!” - Every Actor’s Favorite Sentence to Say
In this Daily, we’re going to hone in on what makes you a great performer. Through monologues, songs, and scene work, you’ll walk out of this Daily ready to book any role. Confidence is key, and together we can find what’s best about your unique talent.

Choreography (12-15) Laura

By manipulating the elements of time, space and energy and combining these elements with musicality and form, learn how to turn personal expression into a moving work of art. We will choreograph solos and group pieces on ourselves and each other. Class will begin with a contemporary dance warm-up, proceed into compositional studies and culminate with the creation of original work.

Adv. Musical Theater (12-15) Maria

Attention triple threats: it’s time to hone your tools and create a polished performance. Learn how to take on songs and scenes and give a professional-level performance. Dance/movement clothes should be worn.

Comedy Sketch Writing (12-15) Fareed

How do they come up with those crazy characters on Saturday Night Live? How do sketch comedy writers know what wild scenarios will make people laugh? And wait, these sketches are written to be only 3-5 minutes?? We’ll work together to write scenes that will leave the crowds roaring with laughter. Expect to watch sketches, create characters, write on your own and in groups, and maybe you’ll even do a little performing!

Rock Band (12-15) Erik

Experience the creative rush when musicians get together to play. Campers will jam, learn new songs, develop stage presence and rock out as a band. This Daily is for instrumentalists with some experience. All instruments and voices welcome.