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#NewPlay TV

#NewPlay TV is an “open-source” webcasting TV project with live programs produced by organizations in the new works sector and belonging to the new work sector’s commons. It is designed with the intention to address the challenge of “aggregating” and amplifying our national sector’s local communication efforts and of developing a centralized, synchronous viewing and discussion platform for new work activities happening nationally such as lectures, conferences, readings, workshops, and performances.  #NewPlay TV is an open-access sharing and knowledge tool for anyone in the theater field to use and participate in. 

The #NewPlay TV channel page is located here:  
Here you can view and write real-time Twitter messages on #NewPlay* during live broadcasts, embed a live video player on your own website to get the word out about this project, and see and subscribe to the calendar of live broadcast events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the “#” in “#NewPlay” mean?  
A: That’s just a way for online audiences who are using Twitter to communicate with other viewers and with the show’s producers.  For example, if you are webcasting a workshop and you’d like online viewers to ask questions, they’d be able to do that by putting #newplay in their Twitter messages which you can then read and respond to on camera - all live and instantly.       

Q: How do I watch #NewPlay TV?
A: Go here and tune in!

Q: Where do I find the schedule for upcoming #NewPlay TV broadcasts?
A: The schedule is posted on the #NewPlay TV channel page, as well as on the New Play Blog.

Q: Who has already produced for #NewPlay TV?


Q: Can I watch previous #NewPlay TV broadcasts on demand?
A: Some of the previous #NewPlay TV broadcasts are available for viewing on the #NewPlay TV channel page.

Q: How can I contribute to #NewPlay TV?
A: Any organization can become a producer and live-stream workshops, interview generative artists, demonstrate your artistic process, and have real-time conversations with online viewers from around the world while doing it.  It costs nothing and with a little practice it’s pretty easy to create a live webcasted event.

Step 1
Email which will alert the national volunteer team for #NewPlay TV when you plan to webcast.

Step 2
Gather the tools:

    • Video camera (MiniDV with a Firewire connection is the most compatible with the webcasting system but other cameras may work)
    • Firewire cable for video camera  
    • Laptop or desktop that has a Firewire input
    • Internet connection (wired connection is more reliable than wireless)

Step 3
The national volunteer team for #NewPlay TV will provide you with a Producer’s Login and will make themselves available to provide on the phone technical support or even on-site help to you get up and running.  In some cases, the volunteer team may be able to provide their own gear and operate the whole livestream for you.

Step 4
Log into the channel.

Step 5
Connect your camera to your computer.

Step 6
Press “cue your video.”

Step 7

Step 8
Get the word out and encourage your viewers to ask questions using “#newplay” in Twitter.