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Mission Statement

Arena Stage is a national center for the production, presentation, development and study of
American theater.


Arena Stage produces huge plays of all that is passionate, exuberant, profound, deep and dangerous in the American spirit. We have broad shoulders and a capacity to produce anything from vast epics to charged dramas to robust musicals.


Arena Stage presents the best in American work from around the country. Presenting work allows us to showcase a diversity of American work, and to feature the work from some of the most innovative companies in the nation.


Arena Stage is committed to commissioning and developing new plays, including the first, second and third productions of new works, in addition to the creation and testing of best practices for new play development through the American Voices New Play Institute.


Arena Stage has a variety of programmatic initiatives in the American Voices New Play Institute and the Community Engagement department geared toward studying the field of American theater. We provide opportunities to study the art for practitioners and the audience through online and virtual resources as well as our study guides for educators, our Institute programs, our post-show discussions and symposia. In addition, Arena Stage impacts the lives of more than 20,000 students annually through its work in community engagement.

Arena Stage – Where American Theater Lives

Core Values:

  • Create a work culture that reflects and borrows from the culture of the rehearsal hall.
  • Pursue excellence in all aspects of our endeavor
  • Flourish by building a dynamic and powerful artistic community
  • Champion diversity throughout the organization and within the community
  • Strive to instill in the public life-long love and participation in the theater arts through its education programs
  • Promote the effective stewardship of cultural capital on behalf of our artists, our community, and our field through effective partnerships, collaborations, and practices designed to advance the field
  • Cultivate an engaged, diverse, and responsive audience.

4 Pillars of Arena Stage